Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to Barcelona & get your wallet stolen

Next Saturday August 2 we have a show with Tec & Piu,...Tec has flown from Buenos Aires to Barcelona for this show. The experience hasn't start that great for him, because his first night in Barcelona was loaded with his 3 luggages and paintings and stopped in Las Ramblas to a public phone to make some calls, and suddenly one of his luggage was missing, the one with the computer, photo camera, passport and money. So his first 2 days had to go to the police office and embassy. This type of crime in Barcelona is so common, thieves walk freely in the streets of Barcelona. At least I know 40 people around us had been picked pocket like this. Starting from us we got our new macintosh laptop, cell phone and my wallet stolen from the gallery, every single business in our street had been broken in, and the list is so long of friends been stolen in the streets of Barcelona, so if you come to Barcelona don't carry too much money in your wallets, and watch out for your belongings specially computers and cameras.

Tec still positive!!!!!

Tec brought us some presents from Argentina

He also brought me a silk screen underwear with his graphics !

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