Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Tagger

This is the door that Tec left us.

..........and we had a bad surprise, somebody tagged our fishes with communist symbols, with words in favor of communist artists, and in opposition of the poor capitalisim. It made us think, that maybe it was an artist we didn't accept in the gallery. Sorry dude don't take it personal, it is the worst part to say no to artists, but it doesn't mean anything to your work........or you just can take a no. Anyways the tagging was so bad that Robert fixed it!!!!!! and cover it all again. Everybody enjoys Tec's fishes with no heads!!!!!!

Another 2 nights tagging the fishes one with gold paint in the shape of female sign, and when fixing it made it look better with the gold, it looks very cool. The other tagging was antiwar graffiti.
Let's see how long it last our fishes before they get tagged again.

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