Monday, August 11, 2008

TEC & PIU show

Tec's wall

Piu's wall

We had an amazing show, don't know why we took very few pictures for shuch a great event!!!!!!!. Many graffiti artits came by to see Tec & Piu, like Kenor, Ovni, Tofu, Tom, etc.....we had to go to the "paki" (supermarket run by pakistanis) twice to buy more drinks, it was hot, summer night, and lots of friends and art lovers came to the gallery.

Every show that tec has, he stuffs pants to make a fake dead man, this time he didn't use the red paint for the bloody effect. People react so much to that fake man and we had a great time watching people walking by, getting sometimes scared and at the same time getting the joke.

Jaume on his afternoon walk this time without Paquita.

Monica bcn, Monica italy, Alexia and Bruna.

Andrea's new paintings

Andrea Noferini & Mara
Zelli McP and Joan Solà from Galería Ignacio de Lassaletta

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