Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New work from Pedro Cuevas

Our friend and artist Pedro Cuevas is back on a 3 week visit to Barcelona. It has been wonderful to have him at Base Elements working on his new paintings, in the new series of work, he put away his collage technique that inspired him while living in Barcelona to focused only on the purest painting (brushes only).
It seems it was yesterday when he and his family went back to his hometown Buenos Aires, 2 years ago. In Buenos Aires he has been very productive, opened an art gallery Nenna Canale and revolutionized the art scene over there, focusing on art performances, progressive art techniques with a social conscious, also has formed a group of 6 artist Planta Carne, while creating his own work and showing at Dacil Art Gallery in Buenos Aires,...here are his links to follow his art career in Argentina.
Robert taking a nap while Pedro is painting? What's up with that?!!!!Soon his new work will be available at www.baseelements.net

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